Thoughts on Unschooling

Although I never ended up teaching in a classroom, I studied secondary education in college (along with English Literature). My college education has been a good foundation for launching into my own studies of homeschool. For years I’ve pored over seasoned homeschool mama blogs and books, perused resources, and reflected on pedagogy. I’ve read many … Continue reading Thoughts on Unschooling

Thoughts at the Threshold of our Homeschool

"How old is JP?" "Almost 4." "Oh so he is starting preschool? Or is that next year?" "Well, kind of. We plan on homeschooling." A wide range of reactions follow...some supportive, some intrigued, curious. Most people don't really know how to react, but the skepticism is written across their face. After a somewhat awkward pause, … Continue reading Thoughts at the Threshold of our Homeschool