Party of Five

Our little Audrey Clare is two weeks old as I begin to write this. How different this post partum experience has been from my others, so far! Audrey is very easy going, Josh has been home, we have family close, friends near and far are providing meals this whole month and this is my third rodeo.  All of these factors help ease the transition immensely. But one element that cannot be overlooked is the care I received from my midwives. The relaxed, comfortable and beautiful environment (that was also friendly to my big kids!)…their sincere thoughtfulness and desire to check in on how I am emotionally and physically feeling…their calming support during birth….their encouragement and respect toward my mothering…their on going support and phone calls post partum… It’s all been so wonderfully different and refreshing from my typical doctor/hospital experiences.

These women plan their lives around bringing other people’s babies into the world. They’re always on call – birthdays, holidays, or simply when they’ve had a long day themselves. They sacrifice time with their families to be present for another family in a deeply personal and life-altering moment. And yet, never once did I feel like a burden to them or like they were eager to hurry up and get the job done. I never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment and I was never rushed out for another mama. I am so grateful to them for the gift of their time and their skill and their passion. While I value all the births of my children, even some of my darker moments…this is the experience I always longed for. If you’re hoping to have your baby in a birth center with midwives, I cannot recommend Aurora Whole Family enough. Thank you, Jessi, Susie and Meredith! Thank you for guiding us into our new chapter of life as a family of 5!

And thank you to, Anna Liseth Photography for capturing this moment – Audrey was only 14 hours old! John-Paul and Abigail were so excited to meet their new baby and the love has not worn off. Most of our days are spent snuggling and refereeing who gets to hold the baby next. We cannot get over how “tiiiiiiiny and cute” she is!

Since before or JP was born, I have loved the quote from Pope Saint John Paul II: “In the newborn child is realized the common good of the family.” With each addition of our children, I have felt the truth of those words more deeply. Not only do Josh and I experience laying down our needs and desires for the common good of our child and family, but now we teach John-Paul and Abigail to care for the “least of these.” We teach them tenderness and the importance of others’ needs. We teach them how to take care of, protect, love and help the most vulnerable one in our family. We celebrate that new life is a beautiful gift. Together we share in this mission of the common good: to make a sincere gift of self, willing the good of the other out of love. In other words, we all try (in our own small and imperfect way) to live out the love Christ in our home. Our Littles do not yet comprehend the big picture of the common good of our family. But helping throw diapers away, or patiently waiting for a snack because mommy is nursing the baby or giving the baby blankets to keep her warm… asking these actions of them draws them into the life and love of our family, into the love of Christ, and in time they will understand.

My heart is so full. My house is currently a wreck, but my heart is so full

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