Pieces // Amanda Cook

Since becoming a mom, I am so behind the times when it comes to music. I pretty much listen to Raffi, Disney and talk radio (I don’t hate it). Every once in a while, I’ll catch a gem that I missed out on. Josh introduced me to this song last night:


Powerful. Last night and today as I reflect on the lyrics, I realize how much I parcel out my love in pieces, afraid of what it would cost to give my love unreservedly in one whole gift. It’s risky to love without limits. It makes you vulnerable before everyone. I realize how, in my own brokeneness, I feel unworthy to receive such a complete, unearned love…but that God gives it anyway, patiently waiting as I learn to receive more and more of him. I know in my heart that this is the kind of love I want to give to my husband and my children, but I’ll never be able to do so perfectly in this life time. And loving my enemies or people who annoy or inconvenience me with such a brave love? How do I even begin? I thank God that his love is that big, that complete, that perfect…because where I inevitably fall short, he will make up for it tenfold. I can ask Him to help me grow in both giving and receiving this wild, selfless, radical love and to not be afraid.

For love to be real, it must cost; it must hurt; it must empty us of self. – Saint Teresa of Kolkata


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