The Last Graduate

Last but not least, as the saying goes. A few weeks ago, Josh’s littlest sister, Katie, graduated from high school. The final Dill child to fly from the nest! Family from all over the country landed in Albany, NY to celebrate and we had a grand ol’time. I have to say, it was probably the best high school graduation I’ve been to! Katie attended an all girls school, Academy of the Holy Names, and it was so fun to see all the beautiful girls in their white gowns and caps. As for the commencement ceremony itself, they did a great job of keeping it enjoyable – the Bishop was there! Good speeches, short and not too hot in the room (that makes all the difference. Am I right?). And the party back at the house could not have been more perfect. Unbelievably perfect weather, great food (the almond caaaaake), better friends and family.


But let’s get to the important part – Miss Katie! It’s funny how as an older (in-law) sibling, your little sister just grows up so fast. I know it’s cliche, but it seems like just yesterday I was meeting seven year-old Katie at a baseball game in Gresham. And not too long ago, she was making Sarah and me a Harry Potter scavenger hunt in her spare time.  And then, poof! She’s turning 18, graduated and moving out this summer? How? How is Katie at this milestone? Time flies, especially when you only get to be with each other a couple times a year.

We are so proud of the young woman that Katie has grown into. She is bold, loves the Lord and is seeking to find His will for her life. She has one of the kindest, most thoughtful hearts, showing great concern for others who are upset or suffering. She possesses great love for her family, and has often lamented that she desires more time with her siblings. When Josh would have to go back to college after a break, she was always quick to express how much she would miss him and how things weren’t the same at home without him. When faced with difficult situations in friendships, she always tried to work out how to act the most Christ-like even when it was extremely tough to forgive, to love, and to remain patient. She has great passion for art, for music and has worked hard to develop her skills as a pianist. She admits when she’s wrong and seeks reconciliation with others. She’s great. I’m so proud to call her my little sister.

Katie, we are praying for you as you start this next chapter of your life! We look forward to growing together, and seeing where the Lord takes you!

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