The Trenches of Teething

I began typing up this post several weeks ago, and the original beginning said something along the lines of “I think we’re out of the teething woods for a while now…” HA. HA. HA. That lasted two days. A couple days reprieve and he is back to gnawing on everything in sight and drooling as if Iguazu Falls flows from his mouth. The hardest part is that he sleeps pretty terribly most nights. Which means he bites me when nursing, my shirts are soaking wet and I be like

Fortunately, he never got a fever and was only mildly more fussy than an average day. From one fumbling-through-motherhood mama to another, here are a few things that helped take the edge off. I wish I could tell you I have discovered a revolutionary cure-all. If I had, I’d be out spending my millions of dollars, and since I’m not doing that you can expect these ideas to be pretty common suggestions.

Nuby teether

Of all the teething rings and toys I received as gifts, this one is by far the household favorite. It is easy for JP to hold onto, and it is just the right size for his mouth. He also really seems to enjoy the texture of the bristles. Plus, it comes with a little case so that all the lint and crumbs in your diaper bag don’t stick to it.

Camilia drops

I went to give John-Paul some children’s Tylenol one particularly restless night, and found that the label said for not under two without asking a doctor…ok…so now what? I know lots of moms give their babies medicine for teething, but since we were weeks away from JP’s next appointment, we decided to look for alternative teething relief. That’s when we discovered a homeopathic medicine, Camilia drops. You can find out more about them here. One night JP was hurting so badly that hat he wouldn’t go to sleep. 2 doses of Camilia and he’d be out in the next 20 minutes or so. We also have Hyland’s Teething Tablets, but those didn’t seem to work quite as well for JP. They have great reviews on amazon, though. So may be worth a shot.

Frozen fruit

I puree bananas or blueberries, pour it into a silicone tray, stick a baby spoon in the middle, then pop that bad boy into the freezer. JP liked eating the bananas off of the spoon, but preferred the blueberries to be more slushy than a frozen solid popsicle. From the way he devoured it, I think he thought it was muy bueno. And I’m guessing it felt nice on his swollen gums…tending to a non-verbal involves alot of guessing…

Frozen Baby Wash Cloth 

Pretty self explanatory – wet a baby washcloth and freeze it. JP loves chewing on and sucking the water out of these! It keeps him happy for a while!

All these things help take the edge off, but the two days leading up to the tooth finally coming through…nothing really helps. we just have to wait it out and try our best to soothe and comfort JP through it.

I tried a Baltic Amber teething necklace – so many moms swear they help. I didn’t notice any difference with JP. Have you tried one? Did its powers help some of your kids but not others?

What helps me? Strong coffee, going to bed shortly after JP does and cheery songs that come up on Raffi Pandora. Reminding myself how miserable JP must feel helps me be more patient. Praying for other mothers and babies helps give the night wakings more purpose – praying especially for parents and children who are struggling and suffering in that very moment.

Best of luck to y’all in the trenches of teething! I’m thinking of you!

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