Moving into the 21st Century

When friends and guests come to our apartment they be like:

joeyNor do we have internet in our apartment. And up until very recently we both had “dumb phones” opposed to smart phones. Much to my surprise, Josh gave me an iphone as an Easter gift. I was not expecting it at all! Although my full keyboard flip phone was working, it wouldn’t shut all the way anymore…so I suppose the time for a new phone was approaching.

But as I make this transition into the 21st Century, I want to share the goodness of the grainy photos that I took on my dumb phone that have yet to see the light of day. I mostly find myself wondering, “Why did I find it necessary to take a picture of that?”/”Do these really give a realistic glimpse of my life?” Remember, this is a collection of 2 1/2 years. Enjoy.

Also a side note, I do NOT have a data plan with my new iphone. We have our phone service through Sienna/Charity Mobile. Each month 10% of our bill is donated to a Catholic or pro-life charity of our choice. But because we go with this smaller company, data is extremely expensive. This means I cannot send or receive pictures via text. but! I do now have an instagram which you are welcome to follow and you can still email me pictures as well. I’ll be able to see these when I’m in a place with wifi.


3 thoughts on “Moving into the 21st Century

  1. Congratulations, Ashley! I hope you are doing well and feeling better each week 🙂 you look beautiful as always and you will be an amazing mom! I am glad you are on Instagram!

    Sending prayers

    Alex Beck

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