Hello Readers and Procrastinators (Yes, I am talking to you Kait Radigan),

I have been wanting to write a post on Oregon/Georgia/Samuel’s baptism/seeing my rockstar (engineering nerd) husband…but I started work at Saint Michael’s and JUST signed up for an online class – Anthropology 171. Essentially I am, as they say, getting an “intellectual butt kicking” (oh, people don’t use that phrase? Hmm.).

To make a few quick notes though:

Love Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up”

Also, I love that every time a new song comes on Becca’s Grooveshark playlist (that she created) she says “Oh! I LOVE this song!!”

“Three to Get Married” is an incredible book and I highly suggest it for anyone who wants to join in on getting their intellectual butts kicked. And your spiritual butts. And maybe even your real one.

Clearly I need to get off this computer because I’m losing my mind.


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