Picture Update: The Great Oregon and The Humble Abode

So, I got smart and figured out how to upload my pictures from my camera without my USB cord. Here are some pictures from my birthday, journey to ND, our first day in the apartment, and Josh’s first day of work (today!).

Golfing on my birthday with Kels, Mickey and Joshua.

Josh’s almost hole-in-one…or so he thought….then he realized it was my ball 🙂

Saying goodbye to the family before we left for ND! This one is for my greatest blog fan, Poppy hahaha

Are we going in circles?! Silverton?! Here’s the exit for Silverton, Idaho.

Family Roots in Butte, Montana. This is the not-so-scenic view from the Visitor’s Center, but it was a nice little town!

Steward Mine 🙂 But we don’t really know about this one, however we do happen to know about Marcus Daly

First picture is the sign for Home on the Range and the one of Josh is some look out point we stopped at.

Now for the infamously tiny apartment. These pics were taken the same day or the day after we got to ND

Pantry stocked-ish.

Mother Mary is looking out for me in the kitchen!

The bedroom and bathroom connected. Note, the baby size door. On the right, living room with our sleeping bags. HOME SWEET HOME.

Yes, it is slanted. Yes, that is the tiniest toilet you’ve ever seen.

A few of the yummy meals produced in The Annex.

And best for last….Josh on his first day of working for the United States Air Force! (and yes, that is the bed on the floor, as mentioned in previous posts.)

More to come! 🙂 We love you!

3 thoughts on “Picture Update: The Great Oregon and The Humble Abode

  1. Do you get nostalgic when you look at these pictures. It amazes me that as frustrating as it was to be cramped, I truly have nothing but good memories of Hamline st. It was a time full of grace, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I know we will look back on these days with fond memories. 🙂

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