August 18, 2011

Today Josh and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. After walking by the candle section, Josh said that I could pick out ONE candle. I.E. he wanted a candle; nonetheless, I appreciate the effort to enhance the smell of our apartment. After picking out  bed pillows (for our bed that has yet to exist) which, of course, had to be tested by putting them on the floor and resting our heads on said pillows… and wondering why BbaB carries Squirmmels and picking out hand soap, Josh and I made our way back to the candle section. Josh requested that we get a candle that already had a container, which narrowed it down to the WALL of Yankee Candles. Josh and I both tend to gravitate towards vanilla scents, but to make sure we weren’t missing out we sniff tested every single scent of Yankee Candle that BbaB carries.  Sniffing a candle, Josh looked up at me and said, “This is what happens when you get married.”

By the way, we did go with a vanilla scent: vanilla cupcake.

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