November 4th was my last post? Really, has it been that long? I promise I living, breathing, and doing well.

The last couple of weeks have been action packed because we finally kicked off our new middle school and high school youth program at our parish. Overall it has gone well, but every new endeavor has its growing pains; this one is not exempt. I don’t think I could ever really share the details of my frustrations in writing…through a very public medium…but let’s just say there are all sorts of challenges, and most of them stem from trying to figure out how to plan/run two separate groups at the same time, getting students adjusted to the changes, communicating vision and helping people understand the concept of relational ministry. But like I said, things have gone well overall and I am excited to see how the Lord guides us. Prayers are always appreciated – for faithfulness, for a positive attitude. That our students’ hearts are open to knowing God and loving Jesus. For our volunteers, that the Lord bless them and gift them the graces they need. Above all, that as a parish we all grow in love, charity and obedience.

Other than that…let’s see. I’ve gone to a UND hockey game. Enjoyed some wine with my friend/co worker Jackie and her husband. Had the young adults groups over for games. Made this delicious hot cocoa recipe. Went to Zumba and grocery shopping on Saturdays. Avoided doing my laundry. Phone conversations with friends, family and my husband. The Office on repeat (it’s probably concerning how much I still love this show). Sent Josh his final care package (!!!) for Advent/Christmas. Awaiting the so-close-yet-so-far arrival of my husband (still no official date). Bought a dehydrator (don’t ask questions – has to do with making Christmas presents). COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR OREGON FOR THANKSGIVING. It will be my first Turkey Day at home since HIGH SCHOOL. That’s just nuts. And bonus, Dan Dill and Grandma and Grandpa Hammer will be joining us!

Well, that’s the long and short of it. Just wanted to let you know I’m alive. What have you been up to? Drop off a comment, shoot me an email or write me a letter. To be honest, it’s hard to catch me on the phone these days. I’ve had many evening activities/work things now that we got our youth ministry programs off the ground. But if you write/email/drop a line, I still love to hear how your life is going and what you’re up to!


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