Christine and I like to laugh. We like to cook. We love Jesus and the Catholic Church. And since the world is our oyster…we decided to film ourselves cooking and laughing. Will we be a youtube sensation? Probably not. Will people be confused as they try to discern whether these two grown women are serious about this cooking show or if we are just a couple of silly ladies? Likely.

Regardless, we’re having a good time, enjoying each others’ company and eating yummy food. So sit back and enjoy! or as they say in Latin – perfruor! (I took half a semester of latin, so that may be what they say. it also may not be what they say.)

**Also…Pope Francis is not a Franciscan. He is a Jesuit. I meant to say Like Francis our Pope who took on the name of Saint Francis who advocated being good stewards of the earth. That is obviously not what I said – but just to clarify, the Pope is a Jesuit!

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