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As in the 5pm Mass on Sunday is for snoozers, boozers, and losers.

And just happened to be the one I attended today.  As I crawled into bed well past midnight I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the 7:30am Mass and had to work from 10:30am-1pm, leaving me alone with the 5pm “Snoozers, Boozers, and Losers” Missa.

As I sat faithfully in the pew, I thought to myself, “Which am I: snoozer, boozer or loser?”

Answering quickly to myself, and inviting the Lord into the conversation (which I try to do everywhere, but especially at Mass), this is what I came up with:

Spiritually, I am all three–a snoozer, a boozer, and a loser.

Snoozer:  I snooze through the daily opportunities for virtue and daily ways that God is trying to give me grace.  I lose the big picture of life in the small details that annoy me…

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