The Script: Faith and Science

So this morning I woke up and felt like I needed to dance to pump myself up for the day(try it). I turned on Pandora’s Today’s Hits Playlist and started stretching and dancing. After a few songs, The Script came on and it wasn’t really danceable so I went over to my computer to change it. I’ve never really listened to The Script other than what I’ve heard on the radio, so I don’t really know anything about their music…but when I went to change the song I saw that the title of the album was Science and Faith. I opened youtube and found the song and decided to give it a listen. Here’s why.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but I’m taking a class called Knowledge, Truth and Reality. We have only three books for the class: A Beginner’s Guide to Reality by Jim Baggot, The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and our last book is When Science Meets Religion by Ian Barbour. The class explores the question, what is reality? Of course our first book heavily referenced The Matrix (Yes, Josh and I did use that as an excuse to rent the trilogy from the library) and the idea of going “down the rabbit hole” into Wonderland to challenge our assumed perceptions of what is real. Baggott did this by recounting ancient philosophies and moving up through modern movements of thought. The second half of Beginner’s Guide looked more into science, particularly quantum physics, which lead us into Hawking. Our discussions continued to revolve around physics and eventually string theory as well. Although the workload is very reasonable and class is only 2 hours a week, it has exhausted me. Especially at first. The books and the class discussions have challenged me, stirred up doubts and sometimes even caused some emotional and spiritual pain. Especially during the first month or so, I could sense my class members had their defenses up against me. I know that if people reject me for what I believe, it is because they rejected our Lord first. But I felt like they were rejecting God because of me. I felt like they rejected Jesus because I wasn’t effectively communicating His love and mercy, and I couldn’t stand the thought of that. I felt stuck, I felt like I couldn’t speak and yet that I also needed to speak the Truth. I’m starting to realize that this is spiritual attack, and the less I worry about it the more I’m able to love my classmates….but I’ve still been wrestling with the doubts within my soul, even questioning God’s existence. I know deep within me that He is real, but that seed of doubt kept trying to spring up and choke out my trust…

One thing I noted though. Thus far, none of the books have talked about love. It is all about the mind, logic, cosmos, evolution, strings, quarks, physical realities…which are overall good things to explore and think about. Perhaps my classmates would say that love cannot be trusted as a reality because it is a feeling, a chemical produced in the brain. I cannot accept that. Mother Theresa didn’t help dying people in the streets because of a chemical in her brain. Saint Francis didn’t hand over all he owned to become like the poor because of some evolutionary purpose. A person doesn’t become a religious brother, sister or priest because they are genetically predisposed to embrace a life obedience, poverty and chastity. It is because of the greatest Love of all time.

On Wednesday a person in my class posed a question about the God of the Gaps theory, the idea that as science explains more and more there is less need for God to “fill in the gaps.” This lead to the question, if we are eventually able to uncurl the dimensions of the universe and examine the smallest of particles, and we still do not find God, then where is he? What is God made of?

What He is made of is Love. You can’t see love under the lens of a microscope or by running it through a double slit experiment. What love is made of is invisible, at least in this life. But you can see love when someone chooses the good of another over themselves, when a person lays down their life for someone else. It is in selflessness and sacrifice that you witness the great act of true love.

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8 thoughts on “The Script: Faith and Science

  1. Keeping you in my prayers love for your continued trust and faith in Him! Our Lord finds such delight in you! Thank you for being such an wonderful witness.

  2. Hello lovely!

    I am praying for you, this is definitely a struggle-praise God for pandora. Seirously, this song has actually helped me too. A great quote for you and Josh as well, comes from Blessed JPII: “Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religions can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.” Learning more about the world around us doesn’t mean that we replace our need for God – we instead learn how God made our world.

  3. That quote actually just came up in our book and I used it in my weekly response! I love it. Thank you for your words of encouragement. We’re praying for you and Josh!

  4. Hi, aedill 🙂

    I know how it can be. The enemy knows our weaknesses and he plays on them with consummate skill. May I recommend something? I only recently discovered Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV, and his writings and retreats on Ignatian spirituality. I think you would enjoy (and you may already know about this, I realize) “The Discernment of Spirits: An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living”, paperback. Fr.’s website is:

    You can also listen to the audio of his workshop here:
    And find out more about the EWTN series, Living the Discerning Life: The Spiritual Teaching of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, here:

    Why do I recommend him? Because he (and Ignatius) deal with spiritual and non-spiritual desolation. With the struggles and temptations to doubt and lose hope that come from our enemy. Fr. Gallagher shows us how to identify which spirit is whispering to us (or yelling at us) and how to either accept the promptings from God or reject the temptations of the evil one. Distinguishing between the two can take some experience. (And training like Fr. provides doesn’t hurt, either!)

    And may I add this: when your studies are not energizing but are, instead, draining, that is a sign. You’re feeding your spiritual self some very unspiritual things in that class. No wonder you’re being affected the way you describe! The enemy and his lies steals our energy. God restores and refreshes us. I’ll keep you on my prayer list. Please put me on yours and keep me there!

    Peace be with you, aedill. Happy Advent! 🙂

  5. Please forgive the grammatical errors in the above long-winded comment. It’s nearly 3:30am and I’m pooped! (Why do I try to write this late at night? Oy.)

  6. I love how scripture verses written 2000 years ago still hold true. John 4:8 “God is love” The more we learn, the more we can see the Truth in scripture.

    • I was listening to a talk matt fradd gave at a steubenville conference in florida. As he came on stage, there was a big sign that said “God loves me.” And he was commenting on how we kind of will just pass by that, nod smile, say “yeah!”…but when you really think about it, what a small and numbed reaction toward the reality of God’s love for us!

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